What's Happening In Rio Vista?

November 2015

Several weeks ago through the RVCA contact list we notified all members about an application for 31 commercial moorings on the Miles River in front of Bentley Hay subdivision.  Quite a few RVCA members attended a public meeting at the St. Michaels library to learn more about the proposal from the proponent, Mr. John Marrah III, who explained the project.  He also announced that he had withdrawn his permit application in response to unanticipated local landowners’ concerns.

Mr. Chris F. Spurry, of Bentley Hay, presented a fairly detailed explanation of the many public concerns.  He also had written to the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) regarding these issues.  We have provided copies of Mr. Spurry’s e-mail to MDE and the MDE's response to Mr. Spurry for your review.

Chris Spurry's email to MDE

MDE's response to Chris Spurry

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