The Board of Governors for Rio Vista Community Association (RVCA) encourages owners to care for their homes and properties so that real estate values in the community are preserved and improved. See below for links to materials and documents that can assist RVCA homeowners in gaining approval for modifications to their properties.  The process is easy and turnaround is usually 1 to 2 weeks.

One copy of the Construction and Architectural Request Form (CARF) with one set of plans showing front, rear and side elevations and a plot plan showing placement of the structure with respect to property lines is required. A digital copy of the CARF will be returned after action by the Association’s Architectural Committee. Digital copies of the CARF form and construction drawings are preferred. Please type all information or print clearly.  The CARF and plans should be submitted to the Architectural Committee via email to .  If email is not an option, a fax may be sent to 1-888-247-2113 (toll free) or contact Barry Burke 301-482-1929 ( for more information.


We often receive questions from homeowners regarding painting or re-roofing their home

  • If a resident wishes to change the color of the house, trim, siding, roof, fence, etc, a CARF is required. Please provide paint and/or siding color samples (link to website where the color is shown).  Please note, that there is not a standard color chart that the Association uses to determine approved colors.  Colors must be consistent with those in the neighborhood to be approved.
  • If the homeowner wishes to paint the home or re-roof using the same colors, approval is not required.


Want to become a member of the Architectural Committee?

Committee members review the Construction Approval Review Forms (CARF) when they are submitted.  You’ll need a half hour per month in the busy season (spring and summer) and a half hour every other month during off-peak months.  Contact Barry Burke ( for more information.

Architectural Committee


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